Chawanmushi (Japanese Steamed Egg)

When you are wanting something hearty and healthy and easy to cook, a popular side dish at many a Japanese restaurant or home.

This recipe is adapted from the Japanese Centre, why? I did not have all the ingredients that were required in theirs, yet it turned out delicious.

Chawanmushi (Japanese Steamed Egg)



3 eggs

240ml dashin stock (or water)

1 teaspoon soy sauce

1 teaspoon mirin

1 teaspoon sugar

4 fresh or dried shitake mushrooms

pinch of salt


  • Remove stalks from the mushrooms and slice. If you are using dried shitake mushrooms, soak or hydrate them in hot water first. When they are nicely soft & plump, you can then remove the stalks & slice the mushrooms.
  • Place eggs in a bowl and lightly beat to crack the yolks & mix with the whites. DO NOT BEAT the egg to the death. We just want the yolk & whites to be mixed together, no froth, no foam, no bubbles. There will be bits of the membrane in this mix. Leave it alone for now.
  • Add the water, soy sauce, mirin, sugar & salt.
  • Mix it up, again no intense beating.
  • Pour the mixture through a sieve into another container. Discard anything stuck on the sieve.
  • Place the sliced mushroom pieces into the bottom of the 4 bowls (rice bowls or ramekins or cups).
  • Pour the egg mixture over the mushroom pieces, evenly distributing the mixture between the bowls.
  • Steam on a rack for about 8-10 minutes. Check if the egg is set by inserting a toothpick in.



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