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Shortbread Almond Crumble Slices

When you are always thinking up of new ways to present or add to old recipes. Or when you want to have a snack that’s quick & easy to make. When Shortbread Slices are not what you have in mind, this Shortbread Crumble Slices is quite versatile in the varieties of fillings that you can substitute, likewise what you add to the topping. Continue reading Shortbread Almond Crumble Slices

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GF DF Oatmeal Pecan Cookies

Pecans are used in place of the usual culprit – Chocolate Chips! I don’t have anything against chocolate chips, they are wonderful when used in a smaller quantity as in my recipe Margaret’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Great as a pick-me-up when you need a quick kick-start of energy a.k.a. sugar. There are various types and/or brands of chocolate chips, however, my preference is still Hershey’s … Continue reading GF DF Oatmeal Pecan Cookies

No Fail Shortcrust

Another shortcrust pastry for yet another quiche. Are you tired of seeing endless recipes for shortcrust pastries yet? I am not done with the many different variations possible for this versatile pastry. I thought I had best put this down before I forget the measures of the same basic ingredients especially if I don’t make quiche too often. New quiche recipe coming up as well. … Continue reading No Fail Shortcrust

Matcha Chocolate Shortbread

I am sure almost everyone has heard of Japanese matcha and it’s specially cultivation methods as well as health benefits. Because matcha means green tea, there are many versions of green tea marketed as matcha. Thehttp:// colour and taste of a genuine Japanese matcha is very different from many others you can try. I am slightly peculiar in that I get a headache from drinking … Continue reading Matcha Chocolate Shortbread

Orange Meringue

I figured if you can make Lemon Meringue, you can make use of the plentiful oranges on hand as well. It did turn out a little too sweet for my liking, but it might just right for someone out there. Ingredients: makes 1 9″ pie 1 portion of  Short Crust Pastry – 2 Custard: 1-1/2 cups orange juice (freshly squeezed, about 3 oranges) 2 tablespoon orange … Continue reading Orange Meringue