No Fail Shortcrust

Another shortcrust pastry for yet another quiche. Are you tired of seeing endless recipes for shortcrust pastries yet? I am not done with the many different variations possible for this versatile pastry. I thought I had best put this down before I forget the measures of the same basic ingredients especially if I don’t make quiche too often. New quiche recipe coming up as well. … Continue reading No Fail Shortcrust

Matcha Chocolate Shortbread

I am sure almost everyone has heard of Japanese matcha and it’s specially cultivation methods as well as health benefits. Because matcha means green tea, there are many versions of green tea marketed as matcha. Thehttp:// colour and taste of a genuine Japanese matcha is very different from many others you can try. I am slightly peculiar in that I get a headache from drinking … Continue reading Matcha Chocolate Shortbread

Orange Meringue

I figured if you can make Lemon Meringue, you can make use of the plentiful oranges on hand as well. It did turn out a little too sweet for my liking, but it might just right for someone out there. Ingredients: makes 1 9″ pie 1 portion of  Short Crust Pastry – 2 Custard: 1-1/2 cups orange juice (freshly squeezed, about 3 oranges) 2 tablespoon orange … Continue reading Orange Meringue

Short Crust Pastry (Sweet) – 1

I know this should have been posted before Christmas since I used this recipe to make Mince pies. However, since this pastry can be used any time, it deserves to be posted and shared. This is a good short crust pastry for individual small pies. Ingredients: makes about 24 individual small pies 2 cups plain flour (all-purpose) 150g unsalted butter 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoon white … Continue reading Short Crust Pastry (Sweet) – 1

Black Garlic & Feta meets Vegetables Quiche

A very unusual combination, at least for me. The new health food or trend of using Black Garlic in foods due to new findings of health benefits derived from it had made me curious on it’s taste and combinations in different food groups. I’ve also used Garland Chrysanthemum or Shingjiku (Japanese) or Tang Oh (Chinese) instead of my usual spinach. If you are not able to get … Continue reading Black Garlic & Feta meets Vegetables Quiche

Wan Ton 云吞

Wan Tons is Cantonese for a type of Chinese dumplings. It literally means ‘swallowed by the clouds’, much like the original versions of wantons that are cooked and floating in broth. This recipe that I’ve created includes the Napa cabbage which is readily available in the supermarkets nowadays. The same type of ‘Chinese’ cabbage is used to make Korean kimchi and keeps well in the fridge for … Continue reading Wan Ton 云吞