Nordic Tuna Salad

When you’ve tasted a simple Danish tuna salad and it stays with you years after you’ve had it. When you remember how much you like it and think you can replicate it. Of course, it would not be the same as you were not the one that made the salad that created such a lasting impression. You can, however, adapt what you remember the taste … Continue reading Nordic Tuna Salad

Baked Half Shell Scallops

A quick & easy dish to prepare either as an appetizer, a side or an entree like scallops with aglio olio pasta, a Mediterranean rice and more. Ingredients: 500g scallops in half shell (fresh or frozen) butter, about 3 tablespoon minced garlic, about 4 cloves chopped parsley, about 2 tablespoons Method: Clean the scallops and remove any dirt or veins. Rinse and allow to dry … Continue reading Baked Half Shell Scallops

Miso Grilled Saba / Saikyo-yaki Saba

Saba or Spanish Mackerel is high in Omega-3 fats, contains selenium, niacin and Vitamins B6 and B12 ( 13Dec2019). This humble fish, packed with health benefits, also packs a strong smell during cooking.  My combination of Japanese miso with shreds of ginger & spring onions helps to mask the smell and helps to enhance the flavour of this fish.   Continue reading Miso Grilled Saba / Saikyo-yaki Saba

Aglio Olio Prawns

A simple meal without too much fuss. Ingredients: serves 3-4 400g prawns, shelled & deveined 3 cloves garlic, minced 2 tomatoes,, skinned & diced Spaghetti Salt & pepper 1/4 cup olive oil Chopped parsley Method: Drain prawns and season with some salt. Cook the pasta according to instructions. (I prefer my pasta softer than al dente.) Heat the oil in a frying pan large enough … Continue reading Aglio Olio Prawns

Grilled Garlic Prawns

Seafood fantasy? A slightly tedious way of grilling prawns. These prawns can be steamed and packed with loads more garlic & parsley if so desired. The tedium is cutting and cleaning the prawns ready to be packed with garlic, parsley & butter. Prep work is usually more time consuming than the actual consumption of the meal. Definately worth the work! I would have preferred to … Continue reading Grilled Garlic Prawns