Salmon, Pan fried

Same type of fish, same seasoning, just a different style of cooking. The pan-fried salmon yields a much crispier skin compared to the Baked Salmon . Just as tasty and not also without having to worry about the amount of oil used as it is pan fried not deep fried.


2 salmon fillets, skin on

salt & pepper

some cooking oil

slices of ginger (optional)


  • Pat dry salmon fillets. Flip fillets so the skin side is up.
  • Cut 2 slits about 1.5cm (1/2″) deep onto the skin. Place the slices of ginger into the slits, if using.
  • Season both sides of the fillet with salt & pepper.
  • Heat oil in saucepan and place salmon fillets, skin side down.


  • Cook on medium. Flip the fillet over, when the cooked portion reaches over the half way mark of the salmon, about 3-4 minutes, as in the picture above.



  • Remove the fillets when it looks cooked. Drain on some paper, skin side down, so the paper does not adhere or stick to the flesh.



Your salmon will be cooked just right, moist and flaking, not dry. You can serve on a bed of pasta sauce fried rice (yes, I fried rice with some pasta sauce. Add some diced red peppers and/or tomatoes for some colour) and a quick stir-fry of baby pak-choy.



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