Roasted Bell Peppers (Capsicum)

This is an easy way to roast bell peppers or capsicum over your gas stove/hob.

Roasted bell peppers can be served as an Antipasto or a topping for pizza or however you want to eat it.


Roasted Bell PeppersPlace peppers on top of your gas stove or as I did on a rack.

20190701_1452592253674686440266240.jpgWhen the bottoms of the peppers are burnt black, turn them around with a pair of tongs.
Keep burning and turning until the whole pepper is burnt.


Place on a sheet of newsprint and wrap it up or inside a paper bag.


Place the bag of peppers into a single use plastic bag, knot it up and leave for about 30 minutes.


Remove the peppers, one at a time, and place on paper towel. Wipe to remove the charred skin.


Cut open, remove seeds and slice to desired thickness.



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