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Bailey’s Biscoff Ice-cream

A simple decadent 3-ingredient ice-cream. You can play around with increasing more Bailey’s Irish Cream or Biscoff spread or biscuits. In this recipe, I used the Biscoff spread as well as the biscuits for a nice crunch and I could probably add more of the spread for a richer, sweeter tastier dessert. The good part of this recipe is, if you feel you need to … Continue reading Bailey’s Biscoff Ice-cream

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5-minute Pizza / Flatbread Dough

5-minutes is all it takes to make a versatile dough that can be used as a thin & crispy pizza base, flatbread to be stored away for a quick meal! Great as a flatbread or to serve with a dip. Ingredients: 1 cup plain (all-purpose) flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking powder water (about 1/2 cup more or less) 1-2 tablespoon olive oil Method: … Continue reading 5-minute Pizza / Flatbread Dough

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Paneer / Cottage Cheese

Another item ticked off in my mental To-Do check list!¬†Just need to make note to I, myself & me to read the instructions properly.¬† The original Paneer recipe uses 1 US gallon or 3.78 litres of full cream (fresh!) milk whilst I used 1 litre of fresh full cream milk. When I think of the word fresh, it means fresh from origin and I don’t … Continue reading Paneer / Cottage Cheese

US Cups Conversion Table – Dry Ingredients

Finding the right conversion table in a friendly readable form is not always easy. I was in luck this morning when I found this downloading PDF on DovesFarm. So if you are in need of a conversion table, this is one that could be helpful. Next step would be to get the conversion table for the wet ingredients. Stay tuned. US Cups Conversion Table – … Continue reading US Cups Conversion Table – Dry Ingredients