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Schweinshaxe (Roasted Pork Knuckle)

What do you think of if you are asked what are the traditional German foods? The Pork Knuckle, Schnitzel, Weiners (sausages or hot dogs) & Sauerkraut (Pickled Cabbage) comes to mind. Not forgetting that Oktoberfest is up and coming and this dish would be a winner served with German sausages, sauerkraut & beer and/or lager!! I have recently seen cuts of pork knuckle being sold by the … Continue reading Schweinshaxe (Roasted Pork Knuckle)

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Almond Cake

This was made at the behest of my husband for Easter, I have however followed a recipe that uses a mix of plain/all-purpose flour & ground almonds.  Almond Cake is normally made using almond flour, sugar, eggs & baking powder as flour or wheat is one of the grains that is prohibited during Passover as a reminder of when the Jews fled Egypt with unrisen dough … Continue reading Almond Cake

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Jeyuk Bokkeum (BBQ Pork Belly)

Admission : I have been lazy. Now’s the time to put the recipes down before I forget them – again. Chinese New Year has been a real challenge this year with Covid-19 restrictions here in Singapore. You are only allowed 8 unique visitors to your home for the day, if you are doing your annual visitations you are allowed to visit only 2 homes. Recommendations: … Continue reading Jeyuk Bokkeum (BBQ Pork Belly)

Chestnut Stuffing

We are celebrating Thanksgiving this year! The man has decided to celebrate this American tradition after a long hiatus – only for this year, I hope. Thanksgiving, a celebration in giving Thanks for the blessings of a good harvest, food on the table. Nowadays, a gathering of family and friends to give thanks for love, friendships and familial ties. Back to the stuffing, this was … Continue reading Chestnut Stuffing

Butter Cake

Going through photos looking for a suitable image to set takes me back to the year 2012 when I was baking up a storm for Bake Sales for my daughter’s “Techin’ thru Texas” fundraisers, of which there were many. Cakes, miniature cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and more cookies……….. the list goes on and on. I vaguely recall the total bake sales came up to … Continue reading Butter Cake

Cookies & Cream

Simple, quick & easy dessert for when you have company and not enough time to prepare dessert or just when you don’t know what to serve. Crushed biscuits, whipped cream, grated lemon zest, chopped nuts, grated chocolate topped with Toblerone triangles. Ingredients: Cookies (biscuits to the English) of any sort, crushed 1 cup heavy whipping cream Grated zest of 1 lemon handful of chopped nuts … Continue reading Cookies & Cream

Pot Stickers / Gyoza 锅贴

This is for Isha, my daughter’s friend who loves pot stickers. I promised that I would give her the recipe and after several attempts at trying to create a video from existing photos, this is as close as it gets. I have made both pork and chicken pot stickers. Pork, which is a predominant meat of choice in Chinese foods, was the obvious choice. However, … Continue reading Pot Stickers / Gyoza 锅贴

Pineapple Ball

There is always a new recipe trending when it nears Chinese New Year. This was from 2018 trending recipe which as usual has been adapted to suit my taste buds. The original recipe was from Ann Low Melt in your mouth Pineapple Tarts This is mine…………….. Ingredients: makes about 48 flaky balls 227g (8oz) unslated butter, diced 275g (about 2-1/3 cup) plain / all-purpose flour 1/2 … Continue reading Pineapple Ball

Char Siu 叉烧 (Roasted Pork)

This recipe is adapted from The Food of Singapore recipes by Djoko Wibisono and David Wong. The taste is different and is a basic recipe that I use from time to time. I usually make more than the amount called for in the original recipe as I can freeze the additional and take it out for whenever. The cut of meat, pork belly, is used as … Continue reading Char Siu 叉烧 (Roasted Pork)