Char Siu 叉烧 (Roasted Pork)

This recipe is adapted from The Food of Singapore recipes by Djoko Wibisono and David Wong. The taste is different and is a basic recipe that I use from time to time. I usually make more than the amount called for in the original recipe as I can freeze the additional and take it out for whenever. The cut of meat, pork belly, is used as … Continue reading Char Siu 叉烧 (Roasted Pork)

Pineapple Tarts, Traditional

What is the Chinese New Year without these all time favourite for Singaporeans? A big No-No! Pineapple tarts are a definite must-have during these festivities especially for their association to the Hokkien name for them – ‘Ong lai’ – which is loosely translated to ‘Gold comes’. Pineapple tarts are traditionally made during the festive seasons – Chinese New Year for the Chinese, Hari Raya Puasa … Continue reading Pineapple Tarts, Traditional

Black Cake (Caribbean Rum Cake)

Yes, this is it. In the Caribbean, the different islands (countries) have their own recipes for the making of the Black Cake which is a variation or version of the English Christmas Pudding. The first step is to prepare the dried fruit mix by pre-soaking. Some swear to soaking the fruits for a year ahead of baking, some 3 months and some overnight. My first … Continue reading Black Cake (Caribbean Rum Cake)

Itrion – an ancient Roman affair


I came across this ancient Roman snack when I was doing some research into snacks that were made during the Roman times for a play that my daughter’s class was doing when she was in Grade 5, a long time ago now.
Besides these snacks,


I made these Raspberry cheesecake – Minis to celebrate my daugher’s birthday at the banquet as well as


the usual fruit platter of grapes, plums & apples and


vegetables, herbs & spices used in their meals, as displays for their Roman Banquet.

Now to the recipe for Itrion, which uses honey and sesame seeds. I cannot find the site where I obtained this recipe from, fortunately, I had copied it down on paper!

Continue reading “Itrion – an ancient Roman affair”

Chinese New Year

It has been such a hectic time recently, trying to bake for the upcoming festivities and putting up handmade decorations for Chinese New Year! Trying out new recipes and adding a twist for some of the traditional goodies found in Singapore for this festival. Pineapple tarts, traditional types with different moulds. Non-traditional but with ‘lucky’ sounding ingredients like using bamboo charcoal and gold dust – … Continue reading Chinese New Year