Chinese New Year

It has been such a hectic time recently, trying to bake for the upcoming festivities and putting up handmade decorations for Chinese New Year!

Trying out new recipes and adding a twist for some of the traditional goodies found in Singapore for this festival. Pineapple tarts, traditional types with different moulds. Non-traditional but with ‘lucky’ sounding ingredients like using bamboo charcoal and gold dust – Black Gold, Rose shaped/scented, Green Tea. Another to be tried next year would be a Lemon grass infusion as I have definately run short of time.


A couple of new recipes from my Facebook Group, Singapore Home Cooks were tried and needs some refinement to my taste buds. I will have to find time to post. Blogging is time consuming and yet rewarding.



Jenny Bakery Butter cookies. This recipe mades a buttery cookie however, a tad too dry for my liking and the cooking time needs to be adjusted on my oven as the edges are too browned.





Ah Gim’s Pistachio Cranberry Shortbread which I changed into a Green Tea Pistachio Cranberry Shortbread. It tasted like the shortbread that you buy prepacked but was not as buttery as a shortbread should be. Another recipe that needs tweaking and posting.




Happy Waiting! See you soon!



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