Short Crust Pastry (Sweet) – 1

I know this should have been posted before Christmas since I used this recipe to make Mince pies. However, since this pastry can be used any time, it deserves to be posted and shared. This is a good short crust pastry for individual small pies. Ingredients: makes about 24 individual small pies 2 cups plain flour (all-purpose) 150g unsalted butter 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoon white … Continue reading Short Crust Pastry (Sweet) – 1

Black Garlic & Feta meets Vegetables Quiche

A very unusual combination, at least for me. The new health food or trend of using Black Garlic in foods due to new findings of health benefits derived from it had made me curious on it’s taste and combinations in different food groups. I’ve also used Garland Chrysanthemum or Shingjiku (Japanese) or Tang Oh (Chinese) instead of my usual spinach. If you are not able to get … Continue reading Black Garlic & Feta meets Vegetables Quiche

Wan Ton 云吞

Wan Tons is Cantonese for a type of Chinese dumplings. It literally means ‘swallowed by the clouds’, much like the original versions of wantons that are cooked and floating in broth. This recipe that I’ve created includes the Napa cabbage which is readily available in the supermarkets nowadays. The same type of ‘Chinese’ cabbage is used to make Korean kimchi and keeps well in the fridge for … Continue reading Wan Ton 云吞

Traditional Pizza Base

Testing out your own recipe to see if it works – again – can be time consuming. I have to acknowledge that different countries with different climates and different ingredient sources do make a big difference in how it all turns out. The adage of Just follow the recipe, does not always work. When I lived in the Caribbean, the climate was drier and less … Continue reading Traditional Pizza Base


We are moving, not out of my home but to the next type of food category – Breads! What brought this on? Beef Stew with added pearl barley and lentils to ‘beef’ the stew up with other proteins and after watching an episode of the Great Australian Bake-Off on breads. My usual Focaccia is made with my Herman starter, that’s another story altogether. However, Herman wasn’t co-operating, … Continue reading Focaccia

Vegan Short Crust Pastry

I finally put my head down and made it. I’ve been thinking on how many vegans would miss out on some basic pastries and decided to try making the basic short crust pastry for last night’s vegetarian quiche. An easy recipe to follow, can be slightly tricky for the first time. Why? It all depends on the contents of the vegetable shortening that you use. … Continue reading Vegan Short Crust Pastry

Blueberry Pie

There appears to be an abundance of Blueberries in the supermarkets in the recent months. Besides making Blueberry Streusel Muffins, I thought I will make my sister her favourite Blueberry Pie. This time around, I used the fresh berries instead of the freshly frozen berries or homemade jam. Ingredients: makes 1-9″ covered pie 1 portion of  Short Crust Pastry (Sweet) 3 punnets (about 125g each) of fresh blueberries … Continue reading Blueberry Pie