Parsley Roast Chicken

Our Covidmenu typically consists of either chicken, pork or beef as a main meat choice, very seldom seafood. It is fortunate that we can still get fresh meats so can’t complain about the choices just what to do with them.

Another experiment that turned out nicely and I got a big ‘thumbs up’ from the brood.

The chicken turned out nicely tanned and surprisingly moist.

Parsley Roast Chicken

  • Servings: many persons
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1 fresh chicken, about 1.4kg in weight

2″ fresh ginger

3 small local limes or 1 key lime

3 cloves fresh garlic

bunch of fresh parsley

Coarse Himalayan salt


olive oil


  • Remove skin off ginger & garlic. Sliced into manageable pieces for easier processing (food processor)
  • Cut limes & squeeze juice into a bowl. Remove the pits (seeds) & slice the lime (pith & skin).
  • Place the ginger, garlic, parsley, lime pieces & juice into a mini food processor. Pulse & process to as fine a paste as you can.
  • Rub the marinade into the chicken – inside the cavity, skin of the chicken as well as some under the skin of the chicken especially the breast & thigh areas. If there is leftover marinade, place it under the chicken in the roasting dish. Remember to roast the chicken breast facing up. wp-15949031037203804270902422101509.jpg
  • Sprinkle or grind some Himalayan salt & pepper over the chicken.
  • Drizzle olive oil over the top of the chicken.
  • Roast for 60 minutes (an hour) in a preheated oven at 190ºC (375ºF).
  • You can add potatoes to roast with the chicken.
  • Allow the chicken to rest for at least 30 minutes before carving.
  • Served with couscous salad.


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