DIY Face Mask (CP) v.1

Have you been hit with disposable surgical masks not being available for purchase or being priced at the high end or simply having to wait an extremely long time for delivery?

The general advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as many medical advisory for the general populace to wear a mask either for personal protection or to protect fellow humans including your family and friends. Not forgetting social distancing.

What do you do if your government mandates the wearing of a mask every time you step out of your home and your supply of surgical masks is non-existent or low?

ANSWER: Make your own

Many blogs, websites, NGOs, individuals, groups have posted numerous types of face masks that anyone can make. So many types, so many different things to digest.

I have finished making the first batch of cloth/fabric face masks for my very extended family of siblings, their spouses, children & grandchildren. I must not forget myself or my husband & daughter.

I have been sewing and trying out different patterns of face masks and trying to get or do up a pattern of a face mask that I prefer. It is still ongoing. On top of which, there are more patterns becoming available to try out. Being in a semi-lockdown or Circuit Breaker as it is known gives one more time? to prototype different masks.

This tutorial being shared today is based on the face mask pattern from a popular blog, Craft Passion that has been shared many times in many groups. Hopefully, it will assist those of you out there who are looking to make your own masks.

I have put together a Step-by-Step instructions on how to make this particular Face Mask below. Personally, I am using an overlocker (serger) with topstitching for the production of masks for my family. The Step-by-Step instructions are based on her video instructions.

Materials for making the masks can be a challenge as many places are in lock down or closed.

I will in the days to come, find time to make other versions of DIY Face Masks and post it on my blog. Take care, Stay Home, Stay Safe.


Face Mask Patterns (Child 3-6 years; Child 7-12 years; Teens/Adults; Adults XLarge) 

Fabric : 100% Cotton for both the outside & lining (studies have shown that cotton provides the most breathability (you can breathe better) in fabric masks. Alternative fabrics is the waterproof non-woven reusable grocery shopping bags, shirt/blouse, T-shirts, bedsheets.

Filter : Non-woven material or from the list of suitable filters in the attached document How to wear a mask_suitable filters  or dried wet wipes (make sure to wash before using) 

Nose wire : pipe cleaners, gardening wire or any type of bendable wires preferably with plastic coating OR reuse the wires from used disposable masks (make sure you sanitise the mask before removing the nose wire and elastic loops)

Elastic loops : whatever elastic you have on hand will be good. You just need to make sure the length fits. (you can consider : hair ties, ribbons for head tie versus ear loops, elastic bands, twine, etc.)

Making Instructions:

  1. Print the pattern for the size of mask that you are making.
  2. Cut out the mask.
    • Lay onto the cloth you are using. A quick way is to fold the cloth in half, right sides facing each other.
    • Cut 2 pieces each of the outer & inner layers.

4. Sewing the outer piece to the lining / inner piece

    • Place the lining on top of the outer piece of the mask, right sides facing each other.
    • Align the center seam of the mask on both pieces of fabric.
    • Sew the pieces together.
    • You can choose to open up the center seam or leave as is.
    • Turn the sewn pieces inside out.

6. Finishing up

    • To sew the slot for the elastic.
    • Turn in 1/4″ from the open end of the masks, fold another 1/2″ to create a pocket.
    • Sew it down.
    • Repeat on the other end.
    • Thread the pre-cut elastic into the slot, tie a knot.
    • Test if the mask fits, if it is too loose, shorten the elastic by knotting further. Too tight, cut a longer length of elastic.

Some of the masks made for my family members as well as staff, educators, cooks & cleaners at a daycare centre


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