A Mermaid’s Tail

Another project for a birthday present, I come from an extended family, so many family members that I can make gifts for – when I am in the crafting mode or can’t think of what to buy as a gift.

The bear modelling the Mermaid’s Tail blanket is Barbara and she will turn 15 in September. My daughter says I need to make her a top, which I am in the process of crotcheting. So please excuse her incomplete outfit.

The pattern & instructions that I am sharing are suitable for 5 years and older. I have used printed flannel versus fleece in consideration of the weather we live in (highs of 30ºC sometimes more, lows of 23ºC no lower) and also using a home sewing machine versus an industrial machine.


1/2 metre or yard of printed flannel, fabric width 44″ (110cm)

1/4 metre or yard of solid colour twill or slightly heavier than poplin/sheeting fabric

Mermaid’s Tail pattern


  1. Draw out the tail patterns onto a larger sheet of paper. You can tape pieces of newspaper together to get the length/size required.
  2. Cut out 2 pieces of each – Main Tail fin from the printed flannel. Remember the pattern is in the half (1/2) fold, so fold your printed flannel print side to print side, before laying the pattern on the half fold to cut.
  3. Cut out 2 pieces of the Tail fin & Waistband from the solid colour fabric. Again this is in the half (1/2) fold, so fold the right side of the fabric together before cutting.
  4. Sew the Tail fin first. Open up the the half fold fabric to expose the whole shape of the tail fain. Pattern already includes a 3/8″ sewing allowance. Sew the sides & tail shape together. Leave the straight end open.  Notch the sharp corners (as in the photo below). This gives you a nice point when you turn the tail inside out.

Notching the tail fin

5. Stitch the waistband to the Main Tail. Right sides of fabric facing each other.

Mermaid's Tail - Waistband sewing

6. Sew the Main Tail together, right side of fabric facing each other.

7. Sew the Tail fin to the Main tail.

8. Turn the tail inside out.

9. Fold the waistband material, turn in and stitch down.


10. Stitch down the Tail fin, sewing through both pieces. This means the fin will not function as a pocket for little feet.


11. Top stitch on the Tail fin to create vertical lines, similar to what is seen on a fish’s tail. wp-15850301679342682581597426095893.jpg



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