I was recently given some rhubarb for my cooking or baking uses. Being in Singapore, this in itself was a vegetable that I’ve heard of, see (the ones with red stalks) but not exposed to in cooking or baking.

Google comes in handy in terms of finding out how to cook or bake with rhubarb. Just today, I decided to check on the benefits of eating rhubarb and was really surprised on what a superfood this vegetable is.

Those who know about rhubarb may already be aware that the leaves are TOXIC and cannot be eaten. Rhubarb roots or as it is known in Mandarin 大黄 had been used by the Chinese to cure certain ailments afflicting the stomach & constipation.

Rhubarb contains loads of vitamins like A, Bs, C & K, folate, riboflavin, niacin as well as other minerals like iron, potassium and phosphorous. Food Facts from mercola.com

According to Dr Mercola’s website, a cup of cooked rhubarb (stalks) contain as much calcium as milk and is listed next to Salmon and Spinach for the high amounts of calcium it contains.

Next Step – to cook the rhubarb stalks into a sauce ready for a pie.


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