Apple Cinnamon Tea

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday. What do you serve for Christmas?

My husband did  his Labarang turkey, harking from the Cape Malays in South Africa. No photos were taken this year – again! I made stuffing and turkey. We celebrated Christmas with my siblings and their family members like how we do every Christmas, at my brother’s. The Western cuisine of serving turkey, ham and some other food items have been adopted by many families in South East Asia. Our traditional Singaporean Fried Bee Hoon, Chicken Curry and many other different foods are served.

There was no Log cake this year as my daughter, who normally bakes it, was back a week before Christmas and has had to get over the jet lag as well as cram in some days of last minute Christmas shopping.

With the current hot weather, I thought to make for this week-end an Apple Tea, a yearning for the Turkish Apple Tea as well as a known tidbit that apple helps to quench your thirst when drinking gallons (okay, that might be a bit much!) of water doesn’t.

I was going to dice about 6-8 Gala apples and boil them with 8-10 cups of water. Perhaps thrown in a few dried figs (available in Chinese supermarkets or provision shops) and add rock sugar to taste.



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