Bell Peppers

Some call them bell peppers because they resemble a bell or sweet peppers because they are sweet (not always) or capsicums. Capsicums have apparently been around for a long time, according to Wikipedia it has been cultivated for thousands of years and are native to the Americas.
Another name for it is pimiento, chilli pepper or paprika when ground.

Did you also know that by looking at the bottom of these peppers, you will be able to know which is sweet (as in raw, salad ingredient, sweet) versus the not so sweet that you sometimes buy?

Turn the pepper upside down, it is has 3-rounded bottoms, it means it is best used for cooking. 4-rounded bottoms is ideal for raw consumption.

That aside, the colours of the peppers are an indication (so they say) of the healing properties that are contained in them. Load up on Vitamin C, carotene & antioxidents with Bell Peppers .

Have you noticed how you ‘burp’ after eating peppers? You are not alone, and apparently, the skin on the peppers is guilty of making you do that and the trick is to try and remove the skin as well as the whitish membranes inside completely. One of the better ways to do that is char the pepper (over a gas stove or roasted in an oven).

Besides adding them in salads or cooking in Chinese stir-fry, you can try making a dip out of them. Check out my Pimiento Dip (Bell Peppers)


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