How to clean a roast dish – quick & easy

This is my dish after roasting my Asian Roast Chicken. 

Do you worry about how to get rid of all the stains? I used to until I did many experiments on the quick & easy methods offered online and found my own way to do it.

Some of the sites suggested

  1. Baking soda as a paste on the burnt areas. Left overnight and rinsed.
  2. To soak in baking soda, detergent, warm water & vinegar solution overnight before scrubbing.
  3. Using egg shells to scrub with detergent.

Soaking the dish & scrubbing did help to loosen and make it quicker to clean. So did using egg shells. Downside on the egg shells, it can cut into your hands if you are not wearing gloves.

TESTED & APPROVED in my kitchen is simple, cheap, quick & easy.


Yes, toothpaste. Simple squeeze toothpaste onto your fingers and lightly massage into the burnt areas. It works on both glass & ceramics.

Leave to sit for about 5-10 minutes. Use a scouring pad and scrub in a circular motion. The end result?


If there are still some bits left after rinsing, just scrub it off and your dish is as good as new.


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