Allergies ?

What are we doing or using that is causing allergic reactions? How do we know if it is an allergic reaction or something worse?

Experts galore can and will tell you what you want to know and what you choose to listen to. The most important is to learn to read or see the signs of what your body is telling you. With what’s out in the markets nowadays, telling us “You can’t live without this or that in your everyday life”, ads that are in your face so much, you begin to believe what is being drummed into your brain, like a chant, that you start to believe and are convinced that what you are seeing, hearing is TRUE!

Sadly, not all of what you see and hear is the truth. It is the truth about marketing, sales brainwashing is what I call it. Learning and knowing what to weed out, like weeding, takes time and sometimes personal experience.

Let’s get back to allergies. Why do we get allergies? Scientifically, it is our body’s immune system that decides what it considers as the ‘enemy’ and starts fighting those enemies that enter our boundaries. It could be an itchy feeling or tearing of the eye, slight redness on the skin and many other forms of ‘attacks’ being launched by our immune system to these invaders. Each immune system reacts differently and yet similarly to identified ‘common allergies’. These triggers help medical practitioners, the general public and of course the pharmaceutical conglomerates/companies identify the allergens, prescribe a temporary cure a.k.a. antihistamines for the sufferer.

Some of the more common allergies you hear about are hay fever (pollen)dust mitesmould / moldpet danderinsect stinglatexfooddrugs. Some sufferers suffer life threatening allergies. If you know someone who suffers from these reactions, I would encourage you to find out what the allergen is and what triggers the reaction. My daughter had a classmate who had a very bad reaction to peanuts. Just being in the room where a pack of peanuts had been opened, was enough to trigger an extremely bad reaction. Likewise, someone who suffers an anaphylaxic reaction to insect stings, especially to bee or wasp stings.


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