Lotus Root & Wing Bean Salad

This is my take of the Thai salad – Yam Tua Poo, no spice but very nice. Why Lotus Root and Wing Bean ? Both contain loads of essential vitamins and are gaining more popularity as more persons become aware of these foods. Too much might not be good for you, so do be aware of some possible side effects from the consumption of these foods as … Continue reading Lotus Root & Wing Bean Salad

Black Garlic & Feta meets Vegetables Quiche

A very unusual combination, at least for me. The new health food or trend of using Black Garlic in foods due to new findings of health benefits derived from it had made me curious on it’s taste and combinations in different food groups. I’ve also used Garland Chrysanthemum or Shingjiku (Japanese) or Tang Oh (Chinese) instead of my usual spinach. If you are not able to get … Continue reading Black Garlic & Feta meets Vegetables Quiche

Cranberry Sauce / Jam

This is a different version of Cranberry sauce or jam to go with our Thanksgiving turkey. A little late in posting for Thanksgiving, still plenty of time for Christmas. My first homemade sauce was a simple process of boiling a fresh bag of cranberries with a can of frozen apple juice concentrate. Recipe, courtesy of the internet, unfortunately I do not remember who shared the … Continue reading Cranberry Sauce / Jam


An easy dip to make for when you have company or just because you enjoy hummus. Chickpeas make a great food source and this recipe is suitable for vegans. Ingredients:  1 can (434 gm) chickpeas 1 clove garlic 2 tablespoon sesame oil pinch of salt juice from 1 lemon paprika chopped parsley Method: Drain the chickpeas and place in a food processor with the garlic … Continue reading Hummus

Chestnut Stuffing

We are celebrating Thanksgiving this year! The man has decided to celebrate this American tradition after a long hiatus – only for this year, I hope. Thanksgiving, a celebration in giving Thanks for the blessings of a good harvest, food on the table. Nowadays, a gathering of family and friends to give thanks for love, friendships and familial ties. Back to the stuffing, this was … Continue reading Chestnut Stuffing

Lemongrass Skewer Chicken

My husband loved this easy and versatile dish. Lemongrass stalks are used as skewers so that the lemongrass fragrance and flavour is imparted into the meat during cooking. It makes for a refreshing change to the usual kebabs. If you are able to have access to fresh sugarcane, you can substitute with that in place of lemongrass stalks. Ingredients: serves 2 as a main Chicken: 250g … Continue reading Lemongrass Skewer Chicken

Laab Namtok (Thai Mince Pork)

Head on a short journey into Thailand with this dish. It’s origin is the north-eastern part of Thailand and is actually a salad! The original recipe calls for mint leaves and lime juice. Another popular Thai Mince Pork dish (Pad Kra Pao) uses holy basil or Thai basil. I have instead used a local vegetable, Kang Kong or water spinach or swamp cabbage or it’s … Continue reading Laab Namtok (Thai Mince Pork)

Wan Ton 云吞

Wan Tons is Cantonese for a type of Chinese dumplings. It literally means ‘swallowed by the clouds’, much like the original versions of wantons that are cooked and floating in broth. This recipe that I’ve created includes the Napa cabbage which is readily available in the supermarkets nowadays. The same type of ‘Chinese’ cabbage is used to make Korean kimchi and keeps well in the fridge for … Continue reading Wan Ton 云吞

Mushroom (Kinoko) Tofu Nabe

A very simple one-pot meal with a Japanese influence. The tofu in this recipe has been frozen, defrosted and all the liquids removed before cooking. This helps the tofu to absorb the stock during cooking and enhances the flavour as well as texture. This is so easy and can be a much heartier meal if you prefer with the additions of meats, fish or poultry … Continue reading Mushroom (Kinoko) Tofu Nabe