Couscous Chickpea Salad

Couscous is such a easy pasta dish to cook. Pasta? Made of durum wheat or semolina, couscous has become another welcomed dish in many countries. What I like about couscous is the ‘instantness’ of cooking. Practically just adding boiling water and allowing it to soak to rehydrate the pasta. Throw in some vegetables & a protein for a quick snack or meal. Ingredients: 1 cup couscous … Continue reading Couscous Chickpea Salad

Nordic Tuna Salad

When you’ve tasted a simple Danish tuna salad and it stays with you years after you’ve had it. When you remember how much you like it and think you can replicate it. Of course, it would not be the same as you were not the one that made the salad that created such a lasting impression. You can, however, adapt what you remember the taste … Continue reading Nordic Tuna Salad

Chickpea Quinoa Salad

A very boring title for a salad packed with nutrients. I know I could have opted for yet another Mediteranean Power Packed Salad or something else, I didn’t. My husband made this salad for us some months back and I really enjoyed it and wished I had added it to this blog then and there. So here it is, Chickpeas & Quinoa Salad. It is great as … Continue reading Chickpea Quinoa Salad

Baba Ganoush (Eggplant Dip)

Another Levantine snack. Healthy and easy using the Eggplant also known as aubergine or brinjal depending of where you are from and what varieties that is available in your country of abode. In this dish, I am using the eggplant/aubergine which is fuller & has less of an aftertaste as compared to the  Asian brinjal. Method & majority of ingredients used are as in my … Continue reading Baba Ganoush (Eggplant Dip)


According to the internet, enchiladas are traditionally made using corn tortillas. Because I wanted to make flour Tortilla, we will use the ones that I made. We have been having wet raining days as well as having to use up my shredded cheddar cheese stock, it felt like a good time to make enchiladas for a meal. Ingredients: serves 3-4 For the filling: 300g mince beef 8-9 … Continue reading Enchilada


Nothing beats homemade tortilla. The tortilla recipe is very similar to that of other types of flat breads like the pita bread, pizza base and chapati in that they all use flour, salt, water. Finding masa harina is a challenge in Singapore. You can substitute with corn flour not corn starch. Corn flour is yellow in colour. The corn flour that is white in colour … Continue reading Tortilla

Spaghetti Marinara

A very simple sauce that can be used for bolognaise, napoletana or as is. Ingredients: makes about 250ml 6 ripe tomatoes 1 onion 1 tablespoon dried oregano Method: Wash tomatoes. Grate, yes, grate the tomatoes into a mixing bowl. Discard the skin and hard stems. Place grated tomato into saucepan, add the finely chopped onion and dried oregano. Boil till cooked or most of the liquid … Continue reading Spaghetti Marinara