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Almond Cake

This was made at the behest of my husband for Easter, I have however followed a recipe that uses a mix of plain/all-purpose flour & ground almonds.  Almond Cake is normally made using almond flour, sugar, eggs & baking powder as flour or wheat is one of the grains that is prohibited during Passover as a reminder of when the Jews fled Egypt with unrisen dough … Continue reading Almond Cake

Couscous Chickpea Salad

Couscous is such a easy pasta dish to cook. Pasta? Made of durum wheat or semolina, couscous has become another welcomed dish in many countries. What I like about couscous is the ‘instantness’ of cooking. Practically just adding boiling water and allowing it to soak to rehydrate the pasta. Throw in some vegetables & a protein for a quick snack or meal. Ingredients: 1 cup couscous … Continue reading Couscous Chickpea Salad

Matcha Chocolate Shortbread

I am sure almost everyone has heard of Japanese matcha and it’s specially cultivation methods as well as health benefits. Because matcha means green tea, there are many versions of green tea marketed as matcha. Thehttp:// colour and taste of a genuine Japanese matcha is very different from many others you can try. I am slightly peculiar in that I get a headache from drinking … Continue reading Matcha Chocolate Shortbread


Having decided to make Meatloaf  did I check on it’s origins. What I thought was a traditional English dish has it’s origins from ancient Roman times. It has become a traditional food in many countries. Hackbraten in Germany and Köttfärslimpa in Sweden, what is it known as in your country? Instead of going with the norm of using bread slices soaked in milk, as it … Continue reading Meatloaf

Mincemeat (Pie) Bread Pudding

This is what I did with my left overs from last year’s Christmas mince pies instead of a Mincemeat Pie Strudel. Mince Pies are a very English tradition and is normally served with brandy butter and is really a mixture of dried fruits, candied peel & suet. You can also make your own fillings with or without suet (fats). I usually go for the Robertsons  … Continue reading Mincemeat (Pie) Bread Pudding

French Onion Soup

Why is it called French Onion Soup and not onion soup? If you clicked the link, you will know that it is onion soup made with a meat stock (mainly beef) and topped with a crusty something, in this recipe a slice or rather half a slice of my homemade Herman Orange Parmesan toast with melted mozzarella cheese. If you change the from a meat to … Continue reading French Onion Soup

Chickpea Quinoa Salad

A very boring title for a salad packed with nutrients. I know I could have opted for yet another Mediteranean Power Packed Salad or something else, I didn’t. My husband made this salad for us some months back and I really enjoyed it and wished I had added it to this blog then and there. So here it is, Chickpeas & Quinoa Salad. It is great as … Continue reading Chickpea Quinoa Salad