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Ginger Flower & Orange Pork Stir-fry

A marriage of the  Ginger Orange Pork or Chicken Stirfry and the Ginger Pork recipes.  Always on the lookout for a new variation of an old dish. Why? I do get tired of cooking and eating the same dish over and over again and as such, I like to experiment and try a different style of cooking or choice of condiments to see it they work. … Continue reading Ginger Flower & Orange Pork Stir-fry

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Pork Florentine en Croute

This dish started off as almost daily headache of 1) protein option and 2) how to cook it. Pork was the chosen protein and it really came down to what choice cuts were available. Fillet or tenderloin would have in normal days would have been sliced & stir fried into Ginger Pork or paired with spinach into Pork Roulade . The word ‘en croute’ crept … Continue reading Pork Florentine en Croute

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Romesco Sauce

I was under the impression that the Romesco Sauce was of Italian origin not knowing that it originated from Catalonia (Spain) and had been created to be served with fish. A simple sauce very similar to the Roasted Pepper Pesto that can be found in my blog. Similar way of making the pesto, just done differently. Again, a popular sauce that can be served as … Continue reading Romesco Sauce

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Spiced Pulled Pork

I don’t know about you but it seems that I am always wondering what to do with leftovers and how to turn them into something different and appealing. Waste not what you can recycle. Food recycling has become a trend in my home. What do you do with leftover Schweinshaxe (Roasted Pork Knuckle) ?Sandwich? Wrap? With Pasta? Pizza topping? Casserole? I have decided that we will … Continue reading Spiced Pulled Pork

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Schweinshaxe (Roasted Pork Knuckle)

What do you think of if you are asked what are the traditional German foods? The Pork Knuckle, Schnitzel, Weiners (sausages or hot dogs) & Sauerkraut (Pickled Cabbage) comes to mind. Not forgetting that Oktoberfest is up and coming and this dish would be a winner served with German sausages, sauerkraut & beer and/or lager!! I have recently seen cuts of pork knuckle being sold by the … Continue reading Schweinshaxe (Roasted Pork Knuckle)

No Fail Shortcrust

Another shortcrust pastry for yet another quiche. Are you tired of seeing endless recipes for shortcrust pastries yet? I am not done with the many different variations possible for this versatile pastry. I thought I had best put this down before I forget the measures of the same basic ingredients especially if I don’t make quiche too often. New quiche recipe coming up as well. … Continue reading No Fail Shortcrust